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Choose Quality that Sticks

Not all magnets are created equal. Quality is very important when it comes to customised fridge magnets. At Kingdigital Print, we ensure that your fridge magnets are durable, sharp and clearly visible.


Why Choose Kingdigital Print for Custom Fridge Magnets in Brisbane?

What makes Kingdigital Print stand out in the Brisbane market?

  • Fast Turnaround: With a standard turnaround time of 48 hours, we provide quick delivery without compromising the quality of the finished product.
  • Quality products: We have built our reputation over the past 25 years by providing our customers with high-quality prints. We know what works for business strategy.
  • Our Eco-Commitment: We ensure eco-friendly processes are adhered to in our printing services without affecting the final print's quality.
  • Easy Online Ordering: Our website is user-friendly, and you can trace the progress of your order.


How to Use Custom Fridge Magnets Effectively

While it is easy to order custom fridge magnets, you need to use them effectively for marketing. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Design: Ensure your design stands out but is still in line with your brand identity. The design should invoke interest, and the audience should not tire of it.
  2. Colour: Use colours wisely. Colours are known to affect a person’s psychology.
  3. Message: Keep your message short and clear. Ensure your logo or contact details are clearly visible.
  4. Distribution: Finally, think of a smart and strategic distribution strategy for your fridge magnets.


Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Fridge Magnets in Brisbane

Q: What are custom fridge magnets in Brisbane?
A: Custom fridge magnets are a unique promotional tool offered by Kingdigital Print for your business in Brisbane. These fridge magnets are printed in vibrant colours with custom designs tailored to your brand, perfect for increasing brand visibility in homes and offices.

Q: What uses do custom fridge magnets in Brisbane have?
A: Custom fridge magnets can serve multiple purposes. Magnets can be used as a marketing material, perfect for event launches, trade shows giveaways, or menus in restaurants or cafes.

Q: What makes the custom fridge magnets from Kingdigital Print in Brisbane stand out
A: The quality and the design of the fridge magnets make us stand out. Kingdigital Print ensures they are durable, fade-resistant and have sharp printing. Plus, we offer spectacular design services to encapsulate your brand's identity and message in a non-intrusive yet catchy way.

Q: How do I order custom fridge magnets in Brisbane from Kingdigital Print?
A: You can order by emailing Kingdigital Print at We offer a user-friendly website where you can trace the progress of your order. We provide a fast turnaround of 48 hours.


Q: How can I use custom fridge magnets effectively for marketing in Brisbane?
A: We make sure your design aligns with your brand identity and invokes interest. Helping you use colours wisely, we keep your message short with visible logos or contact details.

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