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Whatever occasion, create and display your eye-catching posters to highlight your events or simply show-off your style! Get noticed today with Kingdigital Print personalized posters available in two convenient sizes in heavy paper or plastic.

This guide outlines the essential steps for preparing a business card design file for optimal printing results, assuming utilization of Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is favored over Photoshop for two primary reasons: its vector-based functionality, resulting in EPS files commonly preferred by professional printers, and its compatibility with PDF, a widely accepted format among online printing platforms.

Document Setup in Illustrator:

To initiate, it's recommended to either utilize the provided Adobe Illustrator business card template or craft one independently. When employing the provided template, ensure deletion of the "guides" layer to prevent unintended print markings. Establishing precise specifications for margins, trim, bleed area, and safe zones is crucial to circumvent potential printing complications.

For illustration or photo editing software (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop), creating the document at full bleed size is advised to eliminate white edge visibility. Conversely, layout software like Adobe InDesign should utilize the trim size, incorporating specified bleed dimensions (3mm) and ensuring bleed inclusion during PDF export.

Opt for CMYK mode to align on-screen colors with the final printed product accurately. RGB colors, common in screen displays, may not replicate accurately in print.

Convert all text to outlines before printing to alleviate font compatibility concerns. This ensures consistent display regardless of the recipient's font availability.

Exercise discretion when utilizing provided design and setting templates.

KINGDIGITAL PRINT cannot assume responsibility for any issues resulting from their utilization.

  1. Outer Edge: Example set at 96x61mm to include 3mm bleed, maintaining a standard business card size of 90mm x 55mm.
  2. Bleed Area: Extending design elements beyond the outer border prevents undesirable white edges post-printing.
  3. Trim Area: Indicates the precise cutting border post-printing.
  4. Safe Area: Ensures vital information remains within a designated margin (at least 5mm inward from the cutting edge) to prevent truncation during trimming.

When saving as a PDF, select print-oriented settings for optimal compatibility with online and standard printers.

Maintaining a resolution of 300dpi ensures high-quality print results, impacting both EPS files and any subsequent conversions. Adjust resolution via the "Document Raster Effects Settings" dialog box.

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Poster Printing Brisbane

Do traditional marketing materials like posters hold value? Posters are an effective way to get your brand message in front of the right audience. Traditional marketing can work well, and our team can help you make it work.

Whether you are a small business, an event organiser, or a large corporation, poster marketing has proven to be a successful advertising strategy. Kingdigital Print creates posters for businesses in Brisbane looking to upgrade their marketing strategy.

The Power of Poster Marketing

Despite the rapid growth of online advertising, a well-designed poster grabs our attention. Poster advertising can create awareness, build brand recognition, and ultimately drive business sales. They can be used across various industries from hospitality, retail, events, and real estate.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business in Brisbane, a start-up on the Gold Coast, or an established brand on the Sunshine Coast, we help everyone. Making the process easy, your process can be printed online, saving you time and energy.

Custom Poster Printing in Brisbane

Standard-sized posters might not always be the right fit for your marketing needs. With Kingdigital Print, you can customise the design, style, size, and feel of your posters. We take care of the printing work while you focus on creating designs that align with your brand identity and message. We provide custom poster printing for businesses in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

For businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, we can assist you with your poster advertising strategies!

High-Quality Poster Printing in Brisbane

A poster with vibrant colours, clear fonts, and high-quality images can attract your target customers for your poster advertising campaign. Various factors contribute to the final quality of a poster, including the paper used, the ink quality, the resolution of the images, and more.

With over 25 years of experience in the printing industry, our digital presses are capable of reproducing vivid colours, sharp texts, and high definition images to create eye-catching posters that communicate your message. With us, you can start feeling confident about your business operations.

Why Choose Kingdigital Print for Poster Printing in Brisbane?

Quality and Efficiency: We promise to deliver poster printing services in Brisbane that give you a positive result.

Wide Product Range: No project is too big or too small, no matter the industry you’re in. We can print posters of all sizes.

Sustainability: We are committed to using environmentally-friendly processes in our printing services.

Ease of Use: Our online platform makes ordering, tracking, and receiving your printed materials without issues.

Price: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

How to Order Your Posters in Brisbane?

Ordering your posters online from Kingdigital Print is an easy process. Upload your design, choose the size, and place your order. We provide a 48-hour turnover time, meaning your high-quality posters will reach you in no time.

You don’t have to worry about the concept, design, or printing. If you have a marketing plan that needs to go ahead, don’t hesitate! Contact our team today on print@kingdigitalprint.com.au to discuss your poster requirements. Let us help you create marketing materials that can increase customer trust, generate sales, promote engagement, and establish your brand across Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions for Poster Printing in Brisbane

What is the value of posters in the age of digital advertising for my business in Brisbane?

Despite the advancement of digital advertising, posters have maintained their value in the marketing world. We get your brand message across to small businesses, event organisers, and large corporations.

Does Kingdigital Print offer quality poster printing services for my business in Brisbane?

Yes. We make use of high-grade print, design, paper, and ink to produce high-end posters that stand out from your competition.

What customisation options does Kingdigital Print offer for poster printing for my business in Brisbane?

Kingdigital Print allows you to customise the design, style, size, and feel of your posters. If you need custom poster printing in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or across Australia, we can help you achieve a broader audience.

What factors contribute to the final quality of a printed poster?

The quality of a printed poster is determined by several factors including the paper used, the ink quality, and the resolution of the images. With over 25 years of experience in the printing industry, Kingdigital Print makes use of digital presses to reproduce vivid colours, sharp texts and high-definition images for eye-catching posters.

How can I order my posters from Kingdigital Print for my business marketing strategy in Brisbane?

Ordering your posters online from Kingdigital Print is a seamless process. Upload your design, select the size, and place your order. You can contact the team on print@kingdigitalprint.com.au to discuss your poster requirements.

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