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Get your company to stick around with these quality affordable fridge magnets. High gloss or matt finish available with curved corners or square finish to leave a great impression!

This guide outlines the essential steps for preparing a business card design file for optimal printing results, assuming utilization of Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is favored over Photoshop for two primary reasons: its vector-based functionality, resulting in EPS files commonly preferred by professional printers, and its compatibility with PDF, a widely accepted format among online printing platforms.

Document Setup in Illustrator:

To initiate, it's recommended to either utilize the provided Adobe Illustrator business card template or craft one independently. When employing the provided template, ensure deletion of the "guides" layer to prevent unintended print markings. Establishing precise specifications for margins, trim, bleed area, and safe zones is crucial to circumvent potential printing complications.

For illustration or photo editing software (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop), creating the document at full bleed size is advised to eliminate white edge visibility. Conversely, layout software like Adobe InDesign should utilize the trim size, incorporating specified bleed dimensions (3mm) and ensuring bleed inclusion during PDF export.

Opt for CMYK mode to align on-screen colors with the final printed product accurately. RGB colors, common in screen displays, may not replicate accurately in print.

Convert all text to outlines before printing to alleviate font compatibility concerns. This ensures consistent display regardless of the recipient's font availability.

Exercise discretion when utilizing provided design and setting templates.

KINGDIGITAL PRINT cannot assume responsibility for any issues resulting from their utilization.

  1. Outer Edge: Example set at 96x61mm to include 3mm bleed, maintaining a standard business card size of 90mm x 55mm.
  2. Bleed Area: Extending design elements beyond the outer border prevents undesirable white edges post-printing.
  3. Trim Area: Indicates the precise cutting border post-printing.
  4. Safe Area: Ensures vital information remains within a designated margin (at least 5mm inward from the cutting edge) to prevent truncation during trimming.

When saving as a PDF, select print-oriented settings for optimal compatibility with online and standard printers.

Maintaining a resolution of 300dpi ensures high-quality print results, impacting both EPS files and any subsequent conversions. Adjust resolution via the "Document Raster Effects Settings" dialog box.

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